CHAPTER  2000. Restoration of Surface Improvements.


 2001. General. The contractor shall be responsible for the protection and the restoration or replacement of any improvements existing on public or private property at the start of work or placed there during the progress of the work.


            Existing improvements shall include but are not limited to permanent surfacing, curbs, ditches, driveways, culverts, fences, and walls.  All improvements shall be reconstructed in accordance with these specifications to equal or better, in all respects, the existing improvements removed.


 2002. Bituminous Surface. Where trenches are excavated through bituminous surfaced roads, driveways, or parking areas, the surface shall be restored and maintained as follows:


(1)        A temporary gravel surface shall be placed and maintained after the required backfill and compaction of the trench has been accomplished.


(2)        The gravel shall be placed to such depth as to provide a minimum of six inches below the pavement and shall be brought flush with the paved surface.


(3)        The area over trenches to be resurfaced shall be graded and rolled with a roller weighing not less than 12 tons, or with the rear wheels of a five‑yard truck loaded to capacity, until the subgrade is firm and un-welding.  Mud or other spongy material shall be removed and the space filled with gravel and rolled and tamped thoroughly in layers not exceeding six inches in thickness.  The edges of trenches which are broken down during the making of the subgrade shall be removed and trimmed neatly before resurfacing.


(4)        Before any permanent resurfacing is placed, the contractor shall trim or cut the existing paving to clean, straight lines as nearly parallel to the center line of the trench as practicable.


(5)        Existing bituminous paving shall be cut back a minimum of six inches beyond the limits of any excavation or cave‑in along the trench so that the edges of the new paving will rest on at least six inches of undisturbed soil.


(6)        As soon as is practical, weather permitting, the bituminous surface shall be restored in accordance with these specifications.


(7)        Pavement restoration shall include priming of pavement edges and sub‑base with Type MC‑70 bituminous material, and placing and rolling plant mix bituminous material to the level of the adjacent pavement surfaces.


 2003. Concrete Surfaces. All concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and driveways shall be removed and replaced to the next joint or scoring lining beyond the actually damaged or broken sections; or in the event that joints or scoring lines do not exist or are three or more feet from the removed or damaged section, the damaged portions shall be removed and reconstructed to neat, plane faces.  All new concrete shall match, as nearly as possible, the appearance of adjacent concrete improvements. Where necessary, lampblack or other pigments shall be added to the new concrete to obtain the desired results.