CHAPTER  700.  Subdivision Infrastructure Improvements.


701.          Time of Construction. The improvements required by the North Logan City (NLC) code for subdivisions shall be in accordance with this manual.  No improvements shall be installed prior to recording the final plat and having an approved set of construction drawings as specified in Chapter 12D-303 of the NLC code. 


All other infrastructure improvements within North Logan City shall be installed in accordance with this manual.  No work shall be performed on any project until the location and specifications for the project are approved by the City Engineer. 


Water, sewer and storm drainage mains, laterals, and fire hydrants, shall be installed prior to the surfacing of streets and the installation of road base, curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

                        (Res. O1-14)



702.          Streets on Property of Other Public Agencies or Utility Companies. Where it is proposed that streets be constructed on property controlled by a public agency or utility company, approval for the location, improvement and maintenance of such streets shall be obtained from the public agency or utility company.


703.          Street Improvements. As a minimum, all streets shall be constructed by the subdivider in accordance with the standards, rules and regulations of this ordinance, but may be required to meet a higher standard based on engineering safeguards.


704.          Curbs, Gutters, Swales, Planting Strips, Sidewalks, and Pedestrian Paths.  Curbs, gutters, swales, planting strips, sidewalks and/or pedestrian paths shall be installed on existing and proposed streets by the sub-divider in all subdivisions.  (Res. O1-14)


705.          Minimum Water and Sewage requirements.  There shall be a sufficient supply of culinary water to the proposed subdivision and the addition of the subdivision shall not decrease the pressure in the culinary water system at any point within the municipality to less than thirty (30) pounds per square inch; the subdivision shall not cause the sewer to exceed its capacity to treat sewage; the traffic created thereby shall not unduly congest traffic; and the development shall not create unreasonable potential for flooding.


706.          Water Supply. A culinary water supply, which must be approved by the Engineer and State Board of Health, shall be available to each lot in the subdivision and shall be provided in conformance with the standards and rules and regulations of the municipality. Where an approved public water supply is available, the sub‑divider shall install water mains and service lines or laterals from such mains to each lot within the subdivision prior to the installation of road base, surfacing, curbs and gutters and sidewalks.


707.          Fire Hydrants. The sub-divider, at locations not to exceed 500 feet apart shall install fire hydrants.  Appropriate locations shall be as determined by the City Engineer and Fire Chief.  (Res. O1-14)


708.          Sewage Disposal. Individual sewer disposal systems or public disposal facilities shall be provided and must meet municipal and state codes and regulations for each lot in the subdivision. Where a public sanitary sewer is available within 600 feet of the subdivision at the time of recording the final plat, the sub‑ divider shall connect with such sanitary sewer and provide sewer mains and extend laterals from the main sewer line to each lot in the subdivision prior to the installation of the road base, surfacing, curbs, gutters and sidewalks, unless waived by the Council.


709.          Surface Water. The sub-divider shall construct and install a storm water drainage system within the subdivision which shall be constructed of approved materials and according to the specifications of the master storm drain plan and according to generally accepted engineering standards based on a ten (10) year storm.  See North Logan City Code Section 12D-302.  All drainage must be maintained on the development site unless permission to run surface waters into area ditches, canals, or to another location is granted in writing by the owners of such facilities.  Permission must be presented to the City during the Development Plan stage.  (Res.  01-14)


710.          Irrigation Ditches, Canals and Hazards.   Open irrigation ditches and canals are prohibited within or adjoining a subdivision except along rear and side lot lines. Where there is an open irrigation ditch, canal or other hazard, the City Engineer may require additional improvements.  Swales within or adjoining a subdivision are for conveyance of storm water flows only, swales shall not convey irrigation flows.  (Res. 01-14)


711.          Landscaping. The City Engineer may require sub-dividers to provide ground cover where it is determined that soil erosion may be a problem, where surface water may flood portions of the municipality or damage municipal property, or to prevent the growth of noxious weeds which may become a nuisance, fire hazard or danger the public health.  The City Engineer may specify the types of ground cover to be installed on any vacant lot, open space, drainage area, swale or planting strip in order to accomplish the provisions of this section.  (Res. 01-14)


712.          Monuments. Permanent monuments shall be accurately set and established within the subdivision at such points and to the specifications determined by the City Engineer as necessary to definitely establish all lines of the plat and individual lots.  Monuments shall be of a type approved by the City Engineer.  All subdivision plats shall be tied to two corners or monuments of record or established land office survey corners.


Sub-dividers shall be required to install centerline monuments as prescribed by the City Engineer at all street intersections, PC and PT points along a curve.  The required monuments are provided by the City of North Logan and shall be installed in accordance with section 820, standard drawing list, city street monument.

(Res. 01-14)


713.          Street Signs. Unless provided by the municipality, sub‑divider shall furnish and install all necessary street signs and pavement markers.


714.          Obstructions in Street. In the event that any road or street in any subdivision shall terminate at or within 50 feet of any ditch, canal, creek, waterway, or other obstruction which, in the opinion of the Engineer, requires a bridge or other structure in order to continue the road over or across the canal, ditch, creek, waterway or other obstruction, the subdivider shall deposit with the Recorder a sum of money equal to one‑half of the engineer's estimate of the cost for constructing a proper and suitable bridge over the same.  The Engineer shall, on request, furnish to the subdivider a cost breakdown for any such structure.


When, in the opinion of the Council, it becomes desirable to construct such structure, it shall be constructed by the municipality applying the deposit toward the construction costs and charging the other one‑half of such cost to the person developing the opposite side of such obstruction, or if there is no person so developing the other side, the half shall be borne as a municipal expense.


715.          Utilities. Gas mains and laterals and/or electrical conduits shall be installed to each lot to the lot line.  Electric and telephone lines shall be located underground unless under‑ ground lines are not feasible.