CHAPTER 1500. Valves, Hydrants and Miscellaneous Items.


 1501. General. This section covers valves, hydrants, and meters required in the project construction together with other miscellaneous items to be installed.


 1502. Gate Valves. Gate valves shall conform to AWWA Specification C‑500.  Valves shall be of cast iron body, bronze mounted, resilient seat, non‑rising stem design with 0‑ring seals. Valves shall be of mechanical joint, push‑on joint, or flanged connection design as shown on the drawings.  Buried valves shall have two inch operating nuts, and valves in structures shall have handwheels.


 1503. Valve Boxes. All buried valves shall be installed complete with two‑piece, cast iron, screw type, five and one‑ fourth inch shaft valve box.


 1504. Fire Hydrants. Fire hydrants shall be "watrous" type designed to conform to AWWA Specification C‑502 and shall be the compression type.  Hydrants shall be of modern contoured style equal in appearance to the Pacific States Model 2 or Dresser 500.


            Hydrant valves shall be minimum of five inch size.  Hydrants shall be supplied complete with two one‑half inch hose nozzles and one four and one‑half inch pumper nozzle.  All nozzles shall be provided with national Standard threading.  All hydrants shall be supplied complete with a flanged by mechanical joint and auxiliary gate valve box.  Each hydrant shall also be supplied with O‑ring seals, a National Standard pentagon operating nut, which is designed for clockwise rotation closing, and a five inch ASA 150 pound flanged inlet.


 1505. Couplings. Couplings shall be equal to the product of Smith‑Blair or Dresser with cast iron couplings being used on all cast iron and PVC plastic pipe and steel couplings on steel pipe.  Couplings shall be of the straight, transition or reducing style as required by the specific installation.




 1506. General. This section governs materials and installation practices for connections to main lines through approved type connections and materials.  All connections shall require service clamps (saddle) at the main line.


 1507. Corporation Stops. Shall be Mueller I.P. Thread/l10 conductive compression corporation stops (H‑15028) or approved equal and shall be installed at both ends of the service line. Material shall be coordinated with the water superintendent.


 1508.  Unions and Couplings. Shall be Mueller H‑15403, H,15428, and H‑15451 or approved equal including Mueller l10 conductive compression fittings.


 1509.  Service Clamps. All service clamps shall be of approved bronze or ductile iron material equipped with IP Thread Receiver and Neoprene gaskets.  All clamps shall be Mueller Type 110 or approved equal.


 1510. Service Line Material. Service line material shall be Type "K" copper (160 psi) and shall run conclusively from the connection with the water main and property line.


 1511.  Water Meters. Water meters shall be provided and installed by the city upon payment of the water connection fee. (Ord. 94-3 d 1)


 1512.   Copper Setters, Meter Barrels and Lids.    Copper setters shall be of copper construction with an approved backflow device integrally constructed.  Copper setters, meter barrels and meter lids shall be supplied and installed by the developer. Material and installation shall be coordinated with the Water Superintendent.  (Ord. 94-3 d 2)


 1513.   All materials used must first receive approval from the City Engineer and Water Superintendent before installation has occurred.  (Ord. 94-3 d 3)