It has been the goal of North Logan City and its citizens to pursue in the combined effort for the beautification of the city and surrounding areas.  In the past couple years the city and many volunteers have come together in many projects.  Some of these projects include the building of two park buildings and the planting of numerous trees.  They also have a yearly combined effort of the pumpkin walk festival.  With all of these projects there have been countless hours of volunteer effort.  These projects have helped to bring the community together as a whole, while making North Logan one of the most beautiful cities in northern Utah.

Green canyon is located on the eastern mountainside of North Logan.  It is a frequented canyon by many from all areas of northern Utah.  The reason for this is because of its obvious beauty, seclusion, and that it has been kept in its natural state.  Wildlife is numerous in Green canyon.  You may see all types of birds, deer, elk, and even an occasional moose. 

 The canyon is used year round for all types of enjoyment.  In the spring, summer and fall there are numerous people who enjoy the canyon.  Activities range from running, mountain biking, bird watching, leaf collecting, or just walking dogs.   Many family activities include picnics, overnight camps, and horseback riding.   The canyon is a hot spot during the winter months for cross-country skiing; also for your occasional snow cave overnight camps. During the winter months the canyon is restricted to no motorized vehicles, which helps in the maintaining the canyons beauty.  Because of the high use and the overall beauty of the canyon the city and its community have come together wanting to create the Green canyon trail.

If you will take notice on the map you will see the existing road marked in white, which is used by motorized vehicles during the summer months.  Over the past many years a man made trail has been created which is marked in red.  This is also the proposed Green canyon trail.  This trail goes through and to many of the used campsites and popular areas.  It also keeps pedestrians away from the vehicles, plus gives you more of a sense of nature.  This trail has been frequented so long and often that it is well worn in, but not maintained.  It is therefore proposed by the city and its community to create a permanent trail as outlined.  The trail is to be widened and filled with gravel.  This will help not only in decreasing erosion, but will help to keep people on the trail and preserve nature.

The city is willing to match the dollar amount that will be received from this grant. The work will be done as with projects in the past with a combined effort of the city and community volunteers. It will be done in conjunction with Utah’s beautification day.  This day is used state wide as a day where communities in Utah go out and help beautify their community.  The proposed expenditures will be as follows.


Length of trail = ˝ mile

Cost for crushed gravel, 386 ton/ 4” deep = $3,000

Cost for skid steer loader and man power = $3,000

(The city has agreed to fund more if needed)


Because of our long winters, we hope to begin work on the trail the first part of June that in hopes the ground is dry.  We plan on finishing the project prior to July 24, which is the states pioneer holiday.

With the creation of this trail it is the hope of all to help in maintaining this canyon as one of the most beautiful in northern Utah.  This trail will be enjoyed for many generations to come as it has for the ones in the past.  As stated earlier it will help in maintaining nature and wildlife, by encouraging those who use it to stay on the trail.

We are indeed grateful for the interest Wal-Mart shows in the nations communities and the environment.  We know that with continued combined efforts with communities, and charitable contributors such as yours our nation will continue to flourish for many years and generations.  Thank you for this opportunity.


Terrel Jay Huppi

Facilities Superintendent

North Logan City