Application Process for Single Family Homes


For a single family home you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A Permit Application (download). To complete this application, you will need to know:
    • The names, contact information, and the contractor license numbers for the general building contractor, the electrical contractor, the plumbing contractor, and the HVAC contractor. If the home owner will be serving in any of these contractor roles, he/she may do so, but will need to fill out an Owner/Builder Certification form noted below. If any of these contractors have not been chosen at the time that you submit the permit application, you may leave that information blank, but will need to provide the information to our office before the permit can be issued.
    • The tax identification number of the property. This is available at the County Recorder’s Office (179 North Main St.) or from a tax notice
  • A Home Owners Association Plans Approval Form. If the home will be built in a subdivision that has restrictive covenants, and if there is a home owners association representative, or other individual designated to review plans for compliance with the restrictive covenants, this form must be completed by that individual after they have reviewed the plans. If, after diligent inquiry, it is determined that there is no such responsible person to review the plans, the property owner my certify to that effect by signing and dating the form in the appropriate location (download the form). Please note that North Logan requires this as a courtesy to prospective builders and subdivision organizations to help insure that builders are aware of restrictive covenant requirements up front. North Logan takes no responsibility in reviewing the plans or inspecting the construction to insure that the plans or construction comply with the covenants.
  • Construction Activity Permit. As part of the state mandated stormwater pollution control procedures, you will need to include an application for a Construction Activity Permit with your building permit application.
  • 2 sets of plans. Once the plans have been reviewed and approved, one set will be kept at our office for our files. The other set will be stamped and returned to you with your permit, to be kept at the construction site for reference during construction and inspections.
    • Structural Engineering. If the plans for the home meet all of the requirements for prescriptive construction, including lateral bracing under the International Residential Code (IRC), structural engineering of the plans is not required. However, if structural engineering is not provided, the plans will need to show in detail how compliance with the IRC prescriptive wall bracing requirements will be accomplished. This will require that the plans include a braced wall plan. The braced wall plan will need to show the location of braced wall panels along the braced wall lines and indicate the bracing method(s) used for the braced wall panels. See IRC Section R602.10 for wall bracing requirements. Click here for an example of a braced wall plan.
      Because of the complexity of these requirements, structural engineering will most likely speed up the review and approval process for the plans considerably and is recommended.

The following forms may also be required depending upon your circumstances:

  • An Owner/Builder Certification form. As noted above, this form is required if the home owner will be doing work on the home in place of a contractor (download).
  • A REScheck form. The home may be insulated as required in the IRC for our climate zone (climate zone 6). If this is the case, the plans will need to call out the appropriate insulation values, but a REScheck will not be required. A REScheck is a computer program available as a free download at This is an alternative method for achieving energy code compliance which allows trade offs (more insulation in certain areas as a trade off for less insulation in other areas for example). If a REScheck is submitted, the plans will need to call out insulation values corresponding to the values used in the REScheck.

Payment. Payment of fees will be expected at the time that the finalized permit is picked up at our office. The fees will include a building permit fee and impact fees. The amount of these fees will be calculated as part of the permit finalization process. A $50.00 deposit will be required when the permit application and documents are submitted. This deposit is nonrefundable, but will be applied toward the fees calculated during permit finalization. The forms of payment that we can accept are checks and cash. We cannot accept credit cards for building department payments.

How long will the review and approval process take? Our goal is to have your plans reviewed and a permit issued within 10 working days after we have received all of the necessary permit documents. There may be occasional times when a busy work schedule prevents us from meeting this goal. Missing documents or unusual circumstances relating to your plans or project may also increase the time needed.