Community Development



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of a North Logan City Form.

  1. Concept Mixed-Use Checklist
  2. Concept Subdivision Checklist
  3. Development Mixed-Use Checklist
  4. Development Subdivision Checklist
  5. DR-1 Design Review
  6. Final Processing Fee Application
  7. PL-1 Sign Permit Application
  8. PL-2 Development Plan – Agreement Amendment
  9. PL-2 General Plan Amendment
  10. PL-2 Zoning Map Amendment
  11. PL-10 Conditional Use Permit
  12. PL-11 Appeal Authority Consideration
  13. PL-12 Plat Amendment
  14. PL-14 Lot Line Adjustment
  15. PL-15 Street Vacation
  16. PL-16 Condo Conversion
  17. PL-17 Subdivision Agreement (SAID)

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Planning Commission:  Contact the Planning Commission through the City Offices at 752-1310. Note:Planning Commission meetings are typically held on the Thursday’s following a City Council meeting, in the meeting room at the North Logan City Library (475 East 2500 North). 

●  Planning Commission Members, see City Staff Listing

Community Development Department:  435-752-1310

Cordell Batt |
Community Development Director