Event Requests

When resources and staffing permit, the North Logan Fire Department will attempt to accommodate requests from the public to assist with community events. Events must serve the community or a public organization such as a school or non/not-for-profit group. Assistance with events may include, for example, “wet downs”, safety presentations, and vehicle and equipment displays. In addition, the fire department can provide training props such as the “life-safety trailer”.


Assistance requests by government and non-government entities that will not benefit the public, or would negatively impact a business that would ordinarily be employed, will likely be denied. Requests to fill a swimming pool at a private residence, using ladders or aerial devices to perform scheduled maintenance, and using department personnel as private labor are examples of requests that would be denied.


All requests will be considered on an individual basis by the fire department administration. The fire department official reserves the right to grant or deny assistance based upon the information provided by the requesting party or acquired by any other means.