North Logan provides and bills for water, sewer, garbage, stormwater and dispatch.  To set-up services, please come to our office at 2076 North 1200 East, Monday thru Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to complete a utility agreement.  Bring your driver’s license for verification.  If you are renting from a landlord, you will be required to pay a deposit.  Residential customers will be charged a $100.00 deposit and commercial customers will be charged a $300.00 deposit.

The garbage service is managed through Logan Environmental but the billing is through North Logan City.  If you want to change can sizes, add a service or have questions, you can call Logan Environmental at 435-716-9755.  Their address is 153 North 1400 West in Logan City.

Payment options for your North Logan City bill are as follows; come into the office with a check, cash or credit card; sign-up for Direct Pay (your payment will come out of your account each month on the 15th) bring a void check into the office and sign a authorization form if you are interested; mail a check; drop your payment off in our drop box at the head of our parking lot; drop a payment off at Lee’s Grocery Store, pay with your bank’s bill pay; follow the link (https://secureinstantpayments.com/sip/?ID=20462) to Instant Payment (there is a fee for this service); you can call the office and pay with a credit card however there is a $3.95 charge for that service.

Electricity is provided by Rocky Mountain Power.  Contact Rocky Mountain by logging onto www.rockymountainpower.net.  Click on Go to your account, then go to start, stop or move and follow their directions.  You can call their customer service number 888-221-7070.

Natural Gas is provided by Questar Gas.  Contact Questar by logging onto www.questargas.com.  Click on New Customer and following their directions.  You can call their customer service number at 800-323-5517.

Dog and cat License’s;

Dogs and house cats) are required to be vaccinated for rabies and licensed with the city within 30 days of the vaccination.  License are valid for the same period as the vaccination period.  The first year rabies expires in 12 months and so does the  city license.  There after the rabies expire in 3 years and the city license would also expire in 3 years.

To license your animal bring proof of rabies vaccination and also neutered or spayed if your animal has been fixed, into the office to get their license.  The cost of a license is $10.00  for neutered/spayed dogs and $20.00 for non neutered/spayed dogs.  Only 2 dogs/four cats are allowed on residential property zoned less than one acre.