New Businesses

In order to preserve the well-being of the community and your patrons, regular fire inspections are conducted at all commercial and residential businesses that allow public access. The first inspection will be near the time the business opens, although you may receive your business license before the inspection is scheduled. Upon review of the business license application, a fire official will contact the business owner to arrange for the initial inspection. In order to maintain compliance with fire code, here are some basic items the inspector will address during the visit.

  • Fire extinguishers must be serviced and tagged annually. Local companies that perform this task are Fire-Med and Cache Valley Fire Extinguisher. Fire extinguishers must be within 75 ft. of travel distance from anywhere inside the structure.
  • Fire extinguishers should be mounted at least 12″ above the floor but no higher than 60″
  • Exits must be functional, easily opened, and not blocked by furniture or stored items.
  • Exit signs and emergency lighting must illuminate when the main electrical power is disrupted.
  • Stored items must be kept at least 18″ from the ceiling in buildings equipped with fire sprinklers and 24″ in buildings not equipped with fire sprinklers.
  • Flammable gases and liquids must be stored in an appropriate flammables cabinet or outdoors away from the building.
  • Items must not be stored under stairways unless the storage area is equipped with fire sprinklers.
  • Fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems must be serviced and tagged annually.
  • Dumpsters, debris and other materials must be kept at least 10 ft. from the outside of the building to prevent a fire from spreading between ignited materials and the structure.
  • Your address should be visible from the roadway.
  • Extension cords are for temporary use only.
  • Compressed gas cylinders must be secured to a wall or stand.


Please don’t hesitate to contact the fire marshal with any questions or to arrange an inspection.

Jason Killinen