Online Building Permit Submittal Process


The process and forms needed for online electronic submittal are the same as those needed for “in person” submittal at our city office except as discussed below.

For the initial submittal of electronic plans and documents use this email address: After we have received the documents and a reviewer has begun reviewing the documents, please respond to communication from the assigned reviewer using his email address.

All plans and documents submitted should be in PDF format. Links to downloadable forms in PDF format are located on the previous page. Once you have downloaded the forms, print them, fill them out, then scan the completed forms and email them along with the plans, or if you have the capability to fill out the forms electronically and affix any required signatures, and then email them, that is acceptable as well. If a form is required to be notarized, it will need to be printed out, notarized, and then the paper original mailed to us. A photocopy or scan of the notarized original cannot be accepted.

The following specific notes apply when electronically submitting the following documents:

  • Building Plans. Only one electronic copy of the plans, in PDF format need be submitted. Any plans designed by an architect or engineer will need to be submitted with the engineer or architects stamp and signature affixed. If, during the review and response process, revised plans need to be submitted to us, these will need to be submitted in PDF format, and only one copy is needed. When the approval process is complete, we will provide you with an electronically stamped set of plans. You may print as many copies of this approved set of plans as needed, but at least one copy will be required to be at the construction site for reference during inspections.
  • Owner/Builder Certification form. This is a form that is required to be notarized, and as noted above, will need to be mailed to us in paper form.


Payments. Because we cannot accept credit cards for payment, both the $50.00 deposit at the time of application submittal, and the final fee payment when the permit is issued, will need to be mailed to: North Logan City Treasurer, 2076 N 1200 E, North Logan UT 84341.
Do not send cash. Checks or Money Orders are accepted.

If an Owner/Builder Certification is needed for your project, it can be mailed along with the $50.00 deposit.